I live in Ballston Spa, NY on a horse farm with my three dogs- Banjo, Sydney, & Bobbi Jo. I also  chickens that are little comedians! My family and friends are my everything. They are the rich layers and firm roots of my identity. AS A FAMILY, there is an unbreakable spiritual connection that courses through each one of us.

Hey, I'm Tracey!

- A Life That’s Good

"Two arms around me, heaven to ground me, and a family that always calls me home. At the end of the day, I have a life’s that good."

Down and around my feet, the corgis surround me as my canine audience. Bobbi Jo’s gregarious personality is the complement to Sydney's stoic nature. Meanwhile, Banjo jumps between them with his affectionate, goofy presence. Banjo owns an unsettling bark and has the proud title of “Fox Hunter.” They are my heart, my inspiration and an integral part of me. This band of characters accompany me for the day, as we work, play, and enjoy the tranquility of horses.

As we head outside, with the two corgis in tow, I gaze at my prized dinner plate dahlias and breath in the smell of fresh lavender from the herb garden. Banjo joyfully bounds through the deep woods, as I make my way to the chicken coop. "Frank the Tank" struts back and forth in all his glory. The hens, aka “treat mongers” come sprinting for Flygrubs. I can't help but smile, as their personalities, are as unique as their artfully arranged feathers. Nature urges me to realize it’s wonder, that I am not only surrounded by, but inextricably drawn to.

On a typical day, I awake to my face being bathed in Banjo kisses.

These are the simple things in life.
This is my life and I couldn’t be happier.

Orion is a seeker of an emotional connection and is confident in his identity. Orion’s dichotomy is grounded, his communication subtle, and his affection is boundless. His eyes, his sweet, soulful eyes; the stories they tell. Orion is a very large chestnut, with an even bigger heart, commanding your attention at 17.1 hands.  How did I get so lucky to find a horse that understands me so well. Orion knows I’m more introvert than extrovert. He knows all my favorite songs, because I sing to him daily. He knows which pocket has treats. Orion knows I am his person and I always take care of him.

WE RIDE, breathing in the sweet smell of fresh cut grass. The lightning bugs begin to dance. We hear the owls calling out to each other, as dusk settles in. A LIGHT BREEZE gently lifts Orion's long wavy mane, and his tail swishes softly.
We share the world on this summer night.

Golden hour settles in and the sky is bathed in magical light.  I head to the barn to see Orion, my Great American Thoroughbred. He is the horse that teaches me humility, nurtures me, gives me strength, empowers me to conquer fears, and patiently stays by my side, reassuring me that I am loved.

One of my fondest memories...

My Dad would wake my brother, Andy and I, for magnificent thunderstorms. We would huddle together on the front porch swing and quietly listen. My Dad taught us how to count the booming claps thunder so we could anticipate the bright, flashes of lightening. Then, when the rain was no more than a whisper, we would gear up and head to the backyard as fearless adventurers. The flashlights on and eyes focused; we searched through the dewy grass for night crawlers. The three of us, in the dark of night, excitedly doing our best to whisper, “Dad, I got one!” This was the beginning of my very first business - “Buyce Night Crawlers $.50 a dozen!”

Raise your hand if you have a sweet tooth! The way to my heart is sweets- A Mrs. London’s Nebula, a Stewart's extra thick milkshake with just a touch of chocolate syrup, everything at Sweet Mimi’s, Dolce & Biscotti cupcakes, Leah’s Cakery cinnamon rolls, and Saratoga dark chocolate with sea salt. I seriously buy out bakeries...it’s a good problem to have!

I love sweets...

"The Dixie Chicks", I can’t believe they changed their name to "The Chicks!" They will always be The Dixie Chicks to me and one of my favorites. The Notorious B.I.G, Eminem and Snoop Dog edit photos with me. We say a lot of swear words, my poor neighbors! The dogs and I love to take work breaks and dance to, Huey Lewis “Do you believe in love.” Sydney requests that song over and over again. Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, and Billy Joel clean the house with me. Randy Travis greatest hits is on repeat in the car. I love Randy Travis. Sometimes, Tim McGraw takes over. I love, love, love Lauren Hill and Sade when I’m very relaxed.

The Dixie Chicks!

I love sparkling Pellegrino with Meyer lemons and limes. I drink this on the daily, it’s so refreshing. I used to drink Saratoga Water- but they were bought out and now the water is sourced in Maine. It’s just not the same and incredibly disappointing. I had no choice but to break up with Saratoga Water after a 11 year love affair. I also love Death Wish coffee. It really is the best coffee, hands down! But only 1 cup for me a day.

A nice refreshing beverage...

Gardenias, peonies and lilacs are at the top of my list. But, I’m completely obsessed with my my prized dinner plate dahlias. Dahlias for days! All flowers makes me smile. It’s the simple things in life that can bring the greatest joy.

Flowers, flowers, flowers...

I always wear perfume! Hands down, my favorite perfume is D. S. Durga - it’s a gardenia - earthy scent that transport me back to Hawaii every time I wear it. I also have a serious addiction to beauty, bath, and candles, all cruelty free of course. Charlotte Tilbury, Lush, Kevin Murphy, Tarte, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Tatcha, Shani Darden, Jo Malone, and Voluspa, to name a few.


There’s nothing like it. I feel most at peace amongst horses in a pasture. The sound of horses munching on grass is strangely soothingI I find horse communication fascinating. I’m an observer in their world.

Horse pastures

I feel so incredibly fortunate when I see owls or Great Blue Herons- I complete spaz out everytime! I’ve learned to quietly spaz out so I can actually take photos of them and not spook them! 



My Favorite Things

"Beautiful and inspiring images don’t come from just one side of the camera. Tracey’s love and passion for what she does ignite that same emotion in her clients. Her positive and jubilant energy passes through the lens and into the hearts and smiles of her clients allowing
her to do what she does best."

"She is a great listener both as a friend and a sister but also as a photographer. Her relaxed, personable approach makes people feel very welcome. As she always listens first to interpret the vision of her clients, she is then able to blend it with her own. This process she does so effortlessly, results in her creating images that are awe-inspiring."

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