Kaitlin & Bill: 7.7.12 – The State Room


I think everyone has their own visions of the perfect wedding, and when I saw Bill at the end of the aisle I realized it didn’t matter where, when, or how we were going to be together – as long as we had each other – it was perfect. Bill has an incredible heart and each day he finds ways to make me smile and laugh. I’m so looking forward to handling the twists and turns that life has in store for us, with Bill right beside me.


When I saw Kaitlin walking down the aisle I couldn’t look away. I saw the most beautiful woman in the world, my soon to be wife and my best friend. It was almost surreal, to be in that moment and know that you are about to pledge your life and love to someone who is so special. Our entire wedding day is a blur, but what is my most vivid memory is being at the altar and feeling as if we were the only two people in the world.



My family has been my cheering section, friends, and role models throughout my life and especially as we start this new chapter together. It was important for Bill and I to find ways to incorporate our families’ traditions into our wedding day. I think our only regret was not bringing some of YiaYia’s cookies on our honeymoon!  I’m thrilled to be joining such a fun and loving family and will never forget the feeling of having all of the people we loved so much together in one room.


I know that I could never have become the man that Kaitlin fell in love without the love, support and guidance of my family. I’ll never forget celebrating with them the entire weekend. The best time for me was the night before at our rehearsal dinner. Just being able to relax and share the excitement of the next day meant so much. Getting to spend that time with them and our closest friends was very emotional and touching.







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