August 20, 2012

Laura & Mark: 6.23.12 – The Sagamore, Bolton Landing, NY


Our wedding day, while incredibly special, was like any other day with Mark for me. I spent it feeling so lucky to have my best friend at my side, enjoying the life we’ve made together. We spent the day doing what we always do since he first came into my life – laughing, and telling each other how much we care for and love one another. Mark is so thoughtful, selfless, and caring, and has made my life better than I had ever imagined. I’m reminded every day, not just on our beautiful wedding day, of how fortunate I am to be his wife.


Laura and I always have had such a natural and unique relationship–she constantly makes me laugh, she understands me better than anyone, and I’m always happiest when we’re spending time together.  From the beginning, I knew I wanted to marry her, and although I expected to be nervous on our wedding day, I ended up being completely at ease and having a wonderful time because I had Laura by my side.  Whether it’s big things or small, happy or sad, I’m thrilled I’ll get to go through all of life’s experiences with Laura, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.



Mark and I were both fortunate to be surrounded by parents, sisters, and extended family continuously showing their support for our love and relationship. I cannot describe the warm way that Mark’s family, including his many cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents embraced me into the family, as if I was part of it all along. Mark was a natural fit into my own family, forming fast friendships with each of my parents and sisters. It has been both beautiful and touching to watch these relationships grow.



My family has been a source of support, guidance and love throughout my life, and I’ve seen the same thing in Laura’s family.  We’ve been welcomed into, and become parts of, each other’s families in a way that I could not possibly have hoped for.  Now I have a new family with my wife (and our puppy, who gets listed before I do when Laura counts our family members), in which everything always feels right, no matter what is going on in the world.






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