“Once I’m Done With Kindergarten, I’m Going To Find Me A Wife.” – Tom, Age 5


Kids at Weddings 2013


I feel an excited tap on my shoulder. “Hey, photographer!   Take a photo of the flower girl dancing, quick, quick, GET IT!”

The flower girl has been dancing with wild abandon for the last 15 minutes.  I’ve already gotten several images, but I obediently take her photo again to make the guest happy.

Not even five minutes later,  “Photographer, take a photo of the flower girl, look how cute she is, you don’t want to miss that!”

Again, I point my camera in the direction of the flower girl, click, click, click, and I smile. 

The wedding guests are just trying to be helpful and the flower girl is cute.  However, it’s the quirky, the bored, the crying, and the classic stink eye kids are the ones who grab my heart.  Children have such an incredible gift, the gift of vulnerability.  They have yet to be self-conscious about how they look in front of the camera.  And that is a beautiful thing!

I leave you with the words from the very wise, Kermit the frog:

“Here’s some simple advice:
Always be yourself
Never take yourself too seriously

And be aware of advice from experts,
Pigs and members of Parliament.”




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