Married 40 Years or More Contest Just in Time for Spring! – Saratoga Springs, NY


Each relationship has its own unique beginnings and from that unfolds decades of shared lives.  Marriage is complex, full of ups and downs and joys and sorrows.  Marriage is your own little universe, that just the two of your create.  

I want to help your loved ones celebrate the gift of marriage through photography.

I will choose 3 couples to photograph; each couple will receive a portrait session, prints, and a flash drive of images, valued at $1000.

Pay it forward and nominate an inspiring that you know!  It will make your heart happy, I promise!

 Here’s how it works:

Leave a comment below as to why this couples marriage is so special

Comments must be left by Wednesday,  April 15, 2015

The couple must be married 40 years or longer
The couple must reside in The Capital Region

The portrait shoot is for the couple only and must take place in 2015

The 3 winning couples will be announced right here on this post, Friday, April 17, 2015



  1. Stephanie Barnes says:

    I nominate my parents, Stanley and Elizabeth Skop, they have been married for 46 going on 47 years this year. They’re marriage is an inspiration because they make marriage look easy! They’ve raised 3 children, have 2 grandchildren and just last year adopted a rescue dog. They spend their retirement together whether it’s volunteering for the local fire department, traveling with their camper to new and old places and going out to eat on many occasions. They still find time to be there for not only each other but their family too and we appreciate and love them for that.

  2. Margaret toomey Capozzola says:

    My parents, joanne and bill toomey were married on January 6,1953. The proud parents of 9 children and 11grandchildren. Joanne and bill have instilled strong faith , family traditions and the importance of taking care of those who can’t take care if themselves into all if our lives. High school sweethearts they married in college and have been celebrating their marriage ever since
    The perfect couple for your “portraits of commitment”

  3. Jill Roemer says:

    My parents, Jim and Ruth Roemer have been married for 72 years. They were married on August 21, 1942, while my father was on leave from the army. They lived in Albany almost all of their lives. My father worked in the family business, Roemer and Zeller that my grandfather, William Roemer started. He worked all his life in the business along with two of his brothers, Bill and Walt. My mom stayed at home and raised three children Jim, Guy, and Jill. They have 8 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren (1 more in August). The family also summered at Warners Lake, East Berne, at the camp that my mother’s aunt and uncle built in the 1920’s. My parents have
    lived full time at the lake since 1975. It is fitting that they are living here at the lake because it is where they met through a friend, Ruthie Filkins. My parents have a wonderful, loving relationship that continues to this day. They are considerate of each other, looking out for the other’s welfare and comfort. It is a privilege to be part of the wonderful family Ruth and Jim have created.

  4. Doreen Bailey says:

    Do you have to have someone nominate you or can you nominate yourselves? We will be married for 48 years on May 20. Our children all live out of the area. We eloped after dating for five months. Just wanted to ask. Thank You, Doreen Bailey

  5. Tracey says:

    Of course you can nominate yourself!

  6. Becky Udwary says:

    I’d like to nominate my parents, Wayne and Ruth. They have been married for 45 years and have been great role models for me, my brothers, and all their grandchildren. They only have one photo from their own wedding and have never had a photo session with the two of them.

  7. Cheryl Foster says:

    David and Kathleen Greenman have been married more than 40 years, and it works, as Kathy says, “Because I got him young and trained him.” They, however, live in Panama City, FL, which would be a nice vacation from here right now.

  8. Andrea Kelly says:

    I nominate Ray and Gladys Welsh. They’ve been married 65 years.He is 99 and she’s 94. He still drives and golfs.They are both still like they’re in their 60’s.They laugh all the time and live like they have another 100 years ahead. I have always admired their marriage.I am a friend of one of their daughters and we grew up together in Schenectady. They are some of the kindest, most positive people I know.They would be great for your article and fun to do it with!

  9. Doris and George Blais says:

    We have been married for 44 years and we still love each other a lot. We’ve weathered many ups and downs we are more in love then when we first married. George has a great sense of humor and we love to entertain people. Our love is based on the love that Jesus Christ has for all people. He created us and keeps us going day by day so we can be a blessing to others.

  10. Katherine Rosenblatt says:

    I nominate my parents Susan (84 yo) and Didier (86 yo) Thomas. They met in Paris in 1951 while my mother was spending her junior year abroad. Their meeting was very unlikely as my father was filling in for a friend who worked as a museum tour guide. Susan stayed in Paris for the summer to be with him, which was against her parents wishes. They have raised 2 children in a supportive home despite work layoffs, moves and other challenges. They have 4 grandchildren, 1 who lived in Europe/ Didier is one of 9 children, the oldest living at age 104. Each decade has brought new challenges of their own, or their children, and they have remained united in support of all. Now with Didier facing health challenges, they are learning to support and love each other in a new way. Susan remains very active, always wanted to be involved and engaging her mind in many areas.
    Susan and Didier are a wonderful testament to the power of true and enduring love. While their needs of each other have changes over the years, they have always worked in unison, even when beliefs and opinions may not be identical. They have taught all in our family a great deal about love, respect and commitment.

  11. Dyan Bailey says:

    My parents, James & Doreen Bailey (70 & 68) have been married for 48 years in May! They met on New Year’s Eve and eloped on May 20, 1967. They have three daughters and 5 grandchildren who are so proud of them! I got married in 2012 and realized, while we got many pictures of the whole gang, we never got any pictures of them solo – and they clean up really well! The two have them have always been active in their communities, whether it be volunteering for fund drives for local schools and churches, or even way back in the day when they were, as I remember as a kid, jitterbug dancers! They live in Colonie, but all of their children are out of state. I’m sure we would all love these pictures of them! Please consider my parents! Thanks so much! – Dyan Bailey

  12. Sue Holbritter says:

    Dear Tracey, I respectfully nominate my parents Clifford (Skeet), age 76, and Geraldine (Grandma Ger), age 73 for your married 40 years or more contest. Mom and Dad met at Hoosic Valley High School in Schaghticoke when Mom was a freshman and Dad was a senior. The following year Mom’s family moved to Plattsburgh, but Dad made drove the miles to visit her on the weekends. They were married June 18, 1960. Raised four wonderful children, and 6 cherished grandchildren. Their commitment to their family and community is never ending. They were the cub scout leaders, baseball coaches, Sunday School teachers, and PTO President while their children were growing up. They were the parents that picked up kids that didn’t have a ride, and pulled kids out that got stuck in the ditch. The Hoosic Valley community knows Skeet as the grounds keeper at Chapko baseball park in the summer, and Gerry as the quilt class leader for community education at school. The next generation of kids at Hoosic Valley know them as Skeet and Gradma Ger. Found at every basketball game sitting in the same seats routing on the Indians. They have a very special love for one another that affects everyone around them. You’ll always see a smile on their face discussing their family beach vacation, or last fun night out at the Racino. This June will be their 55th wedding anniversary. It would be wonderful for them to win your photography session. They would be an awesome couple for you to work with.

  13. Molly Holbritter says:

    I nominate Skeet & Gerry Williams from Schaghticoke ,,,,, This June they will celebrate 55 years!!!! What an inspiration to have witnessed the beautiful life they have enjoyed together. They are true to the meaning of Family and yet still have expanded their love and support far beyond it. They are an encouragement to younger marriages – to see that you can go through lifes ups and downs and still love each other and laugh together. They would be a “perfect picture”,,,,,,,,,

  14. Lucille Marion says:

    My parents, Armand (96) and Nataline (Caputo) (94) Marion have been married for 72 years. They were married on August 8, 1942. My father served in WWII and survived his Navy Destroyer being torpedoed. He worked for GE KAPL for 40 years as a toolmaker. Before having her children, my mother worked in the textile miles in Cohoes, and after raising her children worked for the North Colonie School District as a baker. Their lives were filled with many family vacations that took them throughout the US and, after retirement, around the world. They have so many fond memories of their long lives shared together. They have been blessed in so many ways and will readily tell you that they have “had a good life.”

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