Roxy & Cassidy’s Winter Adventure at Lake Placid Lodge


They have sensed a change in my breathing and Roxy’s heavy tail starts to thump, thump, thump.  Cassidy shifts her weight from paw to paw in an excited dance, her nails clicking lightly on the hardwood floors. With my eyes still closed, heavy with sleep, and the cabin, dark, quiet, and warm, I smile.  The first heavy snow of the season has blanketed the Adirondacks and my dogs are ready to play!  I have just slipped on my winter gear and the girls are ready to bust at the seams as I push open the cabin door.  The warm glow of the winter sun is just rising over the ice blue mountains of Lake Placid.  Roxy’s beefy little legs soar as she leaps thru the freshly fallen snow like an African gazelle.  Eventually she stops, drops, and rolls and rolls and rolls with the blissful joy and tenacity that only dogs seem to know.  Then, as if she were bobbing for apples, she plunges her head into fresh piles of snow over and over again.  Cassidy eventually ambles her way through Roxy’s freshly stomped path.  Her mini corgi legs are no longer visible and her lil’ potbelly is completely engulfed in winter’s white goodness.  Cassidy, stoic and more conscientious of Mother Nature gift,  prefers a quieter exploration of 2013’s last snow big snowfall.   True to her corgi roots, Cassidy keeps a watchful eye over her sister and takes it all in.

 Welcome to Winter and Happy New Year!

much love,




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