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Hi All,
Thank you so much to everyone who took the time out of their busy lives to nominate someone special in their lives. I received many entries, all beautiful, amazing stories. 
The family to receive the portrait session is Becky and her beautiful daughter Kaitlin Bowman. Becky and I talked on the phone last night and she told me all about her little girl. 4 year old Kaitlin is a happy, adventurous, inquisitive child who loves life. I am truly honored to photograph Becky and Kaitlin. It’s difficult to put into words the empathy I feel for this family. So with Becky’s permission, read their story through the nomination letter her Aunt Debra wrote….

I opened the Saratogian this morning, saw your piece “Local Photographer to Donate Services,” and for a moment the dark cloud passed and I felt there was something uplifting that I could do for my niece and her daughter.

My niece, Rebecca Bowman, 24, is the mother of Kaitlin Marie, an absolutely adorable, sweet, soon to be 4-year-old little girl whose world took a terrible turn on April 24 with a diagnosis of late infantile neural ceroid lipofushinosis:

It brings tear to my eyes to say the words, but how wonderful it would be to capture her spirit and beauty before the disease begins to take its toll. What a treasure it would be for everyone in the family but especially for her mom who I am proud to say already is trying to push through the devastation and search for any possible treatment, etc.

Becky and Kaitlin’s father are divorced and he resides in San Diego, California so she truly is a single mother who already had her hands full supporting the two of them, etc. She literally labors at a distribution warehouse and the phrase “extra money” isn’t a part of her vocabulary but she will find the money for whatever Kaitlin’s coming needs will be (most immediately a visit to a specialist out of state). Photography would never make the list of financial priorities concerning Kaitlin but, again, how wonderful it would be !

I visited our web site and thought your shots to be stunning which made me all the more excited about this possibility. I am a huge fan of photography — its value in capturing loved ones, etc.

Kaitlin is a happy little girl who is full of life and will win your heart. If you were to select her to be your subject, the photos would be precious in more ways than one.

Thank you so much for your generosity and for considering us. If I can provide any further information, please just let me know.

Late Infantile NCL (Jansky-Bielschowsky disease, LINCL, CLN2) begins between ages 2 and 4. The typical early signs are loss of muscle coordination (ataxia) and seizures along with progressive mental deterioration, though afflicted children may show mild-severe delays in speech development well before other symptoms appear. This form progresses rapidly and ends in death between ages 8 and 12.

Debra Park”

Becky is not giving up. They fly to Orange County California in a few short weeks to meet with a specialist. Hope is what Becky and her family live for, hope and belief that the medical community will find a cure for this devastating disease.



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