The “Giving Back is Awesome” Portrait Giveaway Winner is…

The Frolish Family: “I cannot wait to meet you!”

The Frolish Family will receivea Portrait Collection valued at $2000.  This includes: a portrait session, acollection of 3 canvas gallery wraps,  and a high resolution disc ofimages.

Here is their story, from Colleen, who nominated this incredibly deserving family….

“Hi Tracey,

I opened the Saratoga Today newspaper on Good Friday & when I got to the Business section I saw a picture of a beautiful woman and her daughter and saw the headline, “Tracey Buyce Pays it forward…” and I didn’t even need to read any more of the headline to know I had to read the article immediately. Paying it forward is so important not only to the person who receives, but more importantly the person who gives and I think it “hits’ us all at different times in our lives, hence, my sincere felt letter is below.

I work in the middle school in Saratoga Springs and have the opportunity to work with an LPN who works and travels throughout the Saratoga Schools in the Health Offices – Elementary, Middle & High School. Her name is Tina Frolish and upon meeting her she looks like a typical mom in your neighborhood who’s married and has 2 school aged children. She works full time as the district LPN and her husband works full time as an evening shift janitor in the High School. Needless to say they are like all of us working parents with kids, busy and always trying to find the time to get everything done and keep everyone in the family happy. But Tina’s two children, Peter,7th grade, and Phillip, 5th grade, are not your typical kids. They both were diagnosed at an early age with Dueshenne’s Muscular Dystrophy. This is an inherited disorder that involves rapidly worsening muscle weakness. By age 10 most children need braces to help them walk and by age 12 most children are confined to a wheelchair. Both of the Frolish boys are confined to wheelchairs. Just writing that statement makes the hair on my arms stand up.

I work with Tina occasionally, but when she comes to work it is always with a smile on her face and typical mom stories of what the boys are up to. One of the boys made the honor roll at school, playing their video games at home and their skiing adventures. Yes, skiing! Up at the Double H Ranch (This is an amazing place). And yet other stories that no parent should ever have to talk of – pool therapy, surgeries, fittings for wheelchairs and countless trips to Albany Med – so many that they have lost count. She juggles a very different, busy and hectic lifestyle that very few can comprehend but she does it with grace, positively and a sense of humor. And I just want to reiterate – this is not for just one of her sons, it’s for her TWO children.

While reading the article in the paper about Tracey Buyce and her commitment to pay it forward, two families immediately came to mind – The Ragans, which were photographed last year for the giveaway – and The Frolishes.  The Frolishes lead a very simple life residing in Saratoga Springs and living with Tina’s mother-in-law on the West Side of town in a small house. The boys share a room. Tina & her husband, Alex, care for their two boys themselves with no outside help. They struggle to make ends meet with never ending medical bills, the need for more equipment in the house and a much needed new driveway so they can get the kids, in their wheelchairs, down the driveway to the bus stop in the winter. Tina says sometimes when there’s a lot of snow in the winter she has to keep the boys home with their dad because she can’t wheel them down their long, unpaved driveway to the bus stop (my colleagues and I are working on that this Spring!). This year she says they were “lucky” because we had a mild winter.

I think the Frolishes would love to have family photos professionally taken, but must prioritize there limited funds available. I think this family is well deserving of this giveaway. What a great memory to give parents – a beautiful photo of their children that they will have forever.

Everyone has their own ideas and their own way to pay it forward. It’s bringing it to fruition that inspires us.  I’ve wanted to do something for this family for a long time & by you creating this wonderful opportunity and “paying it forward” I can at least bring their story to the forefront. Whether they are the recipients of the giveaway or not (as I’m sure there are many other deserving people/families) this has prompted me to pay it forward & get to work on the things I’ve wanted to do but have not yet put into action.

Thank you for your consideration,


Colleen S. of Saratoga Springs”



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