June 20, 2013

The Modern American Dairy Farmer, Part 2 of 7: Nelson Family Farm – Washington County


I will be documenting 7 dairy farms in New York this year; telling the story of the modern American dairy farmer.  I am wildly passionate about this project and love cows!

This is the Nelson family farm.  These super cute kids all work around the farm and help their families  I did not see one child with a iphone, ipad, or other type device.  How refreshing!

“In 2013 we are working to capture the essence, emotion and beauty of modern, American dairy farming.

Dairy farming possesses a culture and work ethic that is a distant memory for most.  It also entails a passion – for both animals and land -that is handed down from generation to generation.  But most importantly for this project, dairy farming is an industry that has evolved over the past 100 years and is often times past the comfort point of most consumers, yet it remains an important and critical business for thousands of families, for the economic viability of most Upstate New York rural communities, and for the millions of consumers who rely on and enjoy a fresh supply of wholesome milk.  

Dairy farming has changed as a business, but the passion, emotion, responsibility and commitment exuded by farmers has remained steadfast.”

– Jessica Ziehm for NY Animal Agriculture



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