And the Winners of “Married 40 Years or More” are… Saratoga Springs, NY


Thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate all of these wonderful couples.  I loved reading your stories!

It was very hard to choose only 3, so I chose 4 couples!

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 Congratulations to:

Peg & Don, married 60 years, nominated by their daughter Kelli:

I’d like to nominate my grandparents Peg and Don Ormsby. They’ve been married for over 60 years and have 6 kids,14 grandkids, and 12 great grandkids. They’ve been through so much in their lives including their house burning down and loosing everything but they’ve still come out strong. My grandfather has been showing early signs of dementia for the past year and they are starting to get worse. Not many people knew about it because my grandmother wasn’t ready to tell anyone. However recently my grandfather was hospitalized. He had had a small stroke and was also showing extreme signs of dementia. So they may not have much time left. At least not that much time until he forgets the love they have for each other. If they win this it would not only be an amazing gift for them, but also a way that their love and memories can live on forever even after he forgets and they are both gone.


Ruth & Bob, married 65 years, nominated by friend,  Kellie:

I would like to nominate a great couple who have been married 65 years! Bob and Ruth are a quiet couple who just want to be in the shadows but deserve to be recognized for their years on LOVE! They walk the halls holding hands and still have the twinkle in their eye. It would be a wonderful surprise to tell them they have won a photo shoot. 😉


Marcia & Bud, married 67 years, nominated by Suzanne:

My parents, Marcia and Bud Perlee, will be married 67 years in October. They have 6 kids, 17 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren! They recently moved in with my family, and I only wish we did this sooner! I just posted a picture of them on my Facebook eating dinner in their new dining room…With the caption..”They are so cute. Married almost 67 years and every night, my mom cooks dinner, they sit and eat together, and then my dad cleans up after dinner.” I am so thankful my three children have witnessed this love that their grandparents share. They try are the best!


Eileen & Walter, married 61 years, nominated by Rebekah:

My grandparents, Walter & Eileen Johnson just celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary in October 2014. Not many couples choose Halloween for their wedding date but my grandparents aren’t like most people! They are amazing, loving, a little kooky and probably a little crazy-but aren’t we all!?!
I am sure their marriage was not easy and still isn’t, but they have great kids, and of course Amazing grandchildren and great grandchildren and many stories to tell. They bicker every now and then but they laugh so much and love each either so hard!
They are the perfect example of true love!




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